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Win $200 In The "Evening Secret"
Fishing Contest!

Congratulations Ryan Connolly, You Have Won $200 In The
June 2008 Evening Secret" Fishing Contest (06/30/2008)!

24 lb. 10 oz yellow catfish caugh on the Colorado
river by Goldswaith, Tx with the Evening Secret

Click here to see Ryan Connolly's Dedicated Champion Page.

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You could be the next "Evening Secret"
Fishing Contest Winner to "net" $200!

Deadline for submissions: Midnight on December 31st, 2008

Ryan's email about the winning catfish above:


Here are some pics of a couple yellow cats I caught using the Evening Secret. Your secret weapon has has greatly reduced my time catching bait and I also catch more catfish! Both these were caught on drop lines, the first 19lb 8 ounces @ Granger Lake TX, and the other 24lb 10 ounces on the Colorado river by Goldswaithe TX. And if there is any question on the size of them, I am a shade under 6' and about 280lb depending on what I ate that day. Got some bigger ones but I am not in the pics with the fish.


Ryan Connolly
Round Rock, Texas

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Contest Rules

The rules are simple. Following is the list of them, and instructions on how you can enter.

I. What types of submissions will be accepted?

  • You must be an "Evening Secret" customer, and be using it at the time you caught the fish.

  • Any species of fish is acceptable for submission

II. How To Enter The Contest (and submit)

  1. Sign up for the "Evening Secret" 180-Day Money Back Guarantee (click here to sign up if you haven't already)

  2. When you catch a "big one" (relative to the species you are fishing for) you need to take a photo. The photo must include you holding up the fish. The photo must also be taken between dusk and dawn the night you caught the fish.

  3. Write up a quick description of how you caught the fish with as many details as you can. Make sure to include both the length and weight of your catch. Also include your mailing address so that I can send you a check for $200 if you win.

  4. Send both the picture and your short write-up on how you caught it to "[email protected]" (my email address) or you can MAIL them to:

    Evening Secret Fishing
    P.O. Box 3794
    Ventura, CA 93006

  5. YOU CAN SUBMIT AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT! The more entries you submit, the better your chance of winning.

III. How Entries Are Judged

We will pick 2 winners per year. The first winner will be chosen on July 1. The second winner of the year will be chosen on December 31. Again, this happens EVERY YEAR, and there is NO LIMIT to how many times you can win.

The entries will be judged using 3 criteria:

  1. General "look" of the fish. Most of us know a "good-looking" catch when we see one.

  2. Size of the fish. (obviously we can't compare the size of a freshwater crappie to a saltwater halibut, so we will judge this relative to the species which you caught)

    For example a 2 pound 16" crappie will beat a 25 pound halibut, HANDS DOWN.

  3. The description of the "fight". Just tell us WHERE you caught it, what you were using to catch it, and how difficult a fight it was. The more description you build into this brief write-up, and the more impressive it is, the better your chances.

Everyone will be kept up to date with the current "contenders" as submissions are received, and again - THERE IS NO LIMIT TO HOW MANY TIMES YOU CAN WIN.

IV. The Winner Will Receive...

  1. A $200 check mailed directly to their front door. The check will be put in the mail on July 1 and December 31 immediately after the winner is announced.
  2. Photo placed in the "winners circle" (above) for 6 months - until the next champion is announced (unless you repeate and win twice in a row!)
  3. Guaranteed fishing immortality in the "Evening Secret" Hall of Fame (listed down the right side of this page). Your picture will be listed here, along with a link to a dedicated fishing page detailing your victory.

V. Now Is The Time To Start Sending Your Submissions...

Not only do you get to use this revolutionary fishing secret to double your catches and save money catching your own live bait...

But you will have the chance to make a positive cash-flow every year by winning one (or both) of the "Evening Secret" fishing contests. Every single year.

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned pro, it only takes one spectacular catch to beat them all, and "bring home the bacon"!

Click here to sign up for the Evening Secret 180-Day trial (if you haven't already) and begin sending your submissions in your quest to be crowned "Evening Secret" fishing champ!

Gone Fishin',

Daniel Eggertsen
President and Founder, Evening Secret Fishing

P.S. The entries of top contenders who do not win will still be valid for the next contest!

Top Contenders

Kate Raffan

Kate and the 17 1/2 pound (41 inch) Pike she caught using the Evening Secret!

Hi Dan,

My wife Kate (my fishing buddy) and I received our Evening Secret on Thursday November 21, 2007, and could not wait to head out to our cabin at Lake Diefenbaker, Saskatchewan, Canada, for the weekend.

The Saturday (November 24th), was fairly cold so we decided not to take our boat out but instead fish from shore. A couple of guys from the area had told us about a bay where they were experiencing some success fishing for Northern Pike, and Walleye. We started fishing at about 4:00 pm catching a couple of smaller Pike which we released. Shortly after 5:00 pm after everyone else left, I put the Evening Secret to work in approximately 10 feet of water off the bank. In less than 10 minutes, the water was crawling with shiners. Within 15 minutes of observing the shiners in the water we caught, and kept 2 nine pound pike, and released two more of equal size. The wind came up quickly this night so we headed back to the cabin with our catch.

The next evening we went out to the same bay where we had fished the night before. Again, we put the Evening Secret into about 10 feet of water, and again within a few minutes the shiners appeared. On my wife's first cast into the water she hooked onto a good fish, and the fight was on. It took her just under 20 minutes to bring in the 17 1/2 lb., 41 inch Northern Pike.

This is the biggest Pike she's ever caught! She was using a Len Thompson 5 of diamonds. We continued fishing for about another half an hour landing several good sized pike, and releasing them all. Once again we headed back to the cabin with our catch.

Because of our success with fishing, we decided to spend an extra day at the cabin. We headed out a third time to the same bay. It has now become our favorite spot! Again, shortly after 5:00 pm just after the sun disappeared, we put the Evening Secret into the water expecting the shiners to follow in good order. And follow they did! The shiners would literally jump out of the water trying to save themselves. It was quite a site! A couple of casts later I noticed my wife once again battling what looked to me to be another good sized fish. Sure enough. Kate had hooked on to another beauty. This time she landed a 16 1/2 lb., 39 inch Northern Pike still using the 5 of diamonds spoon.

What a great fishing experience we had at the cabin this past weekend. We can't wait to get back there to fish again.

The Evening Secret is the best kept secret out there, and we are very happy it is no longer a secret to us!


Dennis and Kate Raffan

Jim McCarthy

32 lb. Stripped Bass, 39 inches long (too bad he didn't get a picture of the 50 pounder!)


I have been so busy fishing, I forgot about your contests this year! The attached pctures show you some of the fish I caught this year using the "evening secret". Some of the pictures were taken the next morning after fishing all night. We had unusal rain fall which caused the water to become extremely dirty due to soil runoff and general turbulence. I believe "the secret" was key to drawing the fish toward my boat.

I caught over 200 striped bass in a 10 day period, all at night. The smallest was 5-6 pounds the largest was over 42 pounds in this period. I released the majority of fish and only kept a few to eat (and take pictures of). I caught a 32 lb. fish, 39 inches long, one evening and kept it to take a picture (and for dinner later!). Later that same evening I caught another bass that seemed very large but I did not want to keep because I already had the other one, so I measured its length with a piece of rope and released it in good shape to fight another day. I later measured the string and it was over 57 inches long. When a striped bass is over 50 inches long typically it is one pound for every inch of length. This may have been my first striped bass ever, over 50lbs, a milestone I have been trying to achieve for 35 years! I look forward to trying to "officially" top the 50 lb. mark next spring.

Thank you,

Jim McCarthy

Steve Lamoureaux

25" spotted sea trout caught at night using the
Evening Secret

Hello Dan,

I put my Evening Secret in the water about 8;30 p.m. It was about 30 minutes and all sorts of bait were coming in, Shrimp, Crabs, Little pin fish, mullet, etc. I was about 30 yards away from an old beaten up dock. I put on a Rapala mullet-like lure. After awhile I heard a bunch of splashing going on around my boat but couldn't see them. The splashes were in the dark area so I started to throw my lure out and just about every cast for about 2 hrs I would catch a spotted sea trout. It was the best time fishing I had in a long time.

I kept 4 of them to eat. one was about 25" inches and the others are about 17"inches.

Steve Lamoureaux
Palm Coast, Florida

Jeremy Fisher

7 lb, 4oz and 8 lb 12 oz walleyes, caught 5/06/06 using the Evening Secret

"Dan! I was up to the lake that I fish pretty much every weekend, Raystown Lake in Central PA. This is the first time that I actually fished with the Evening Secret over the side of the boat. I dropped my evening secret over the side of the boat to catch baitfish for trolling for stripers in the morning like I always do. I started hearing bigger fish taking the baitfish off of the surface around the outside. I picked up my rod and started to cast a Cordella Deep Diving Redfin. On the first cast I caught a small striper, so I kept throwing. By the end of the night I had caught four stripers between four and seven pounds, three walleyes between four and nine pounds, three bass between two and four pounds, and a rock bass. The biggest two fish that I caught are the ones in the picture, they are both walleye the one was 7 lb 4 oz and the other 8 lb 12 oz. The rest of the fish were released."

Jeremy Fisher
Lewistown, Pennsylvania

Mike Morley

Speckled trout 28 inches on left, 29 inches on right

(Clck the play button to herar what Mike said)

"By midnight there was a solid wall of fish... speckled trout. We caught 4 different species of fish, red fish, black drum, flounder, and speckled trough using the Evening Secret.

I hadn't caught a single trout over the limit all year, but that night I caught big trout after big trout - all over the limit..."

Mike Morley
San Juan, Texas

Anthony Anastasi

(Click the "play" button to hear what Anthony said)

"Hi Dan -

Here are the pictures, and it normally takes a lot longer to catch this many. I just knew it would work when I saw your site, but when I used it for the first time it blew my friend Jackson and I away. The bites started coming and they did not stop, even after it got light out we could still see the bait fish swimming around from the reflection of the sun off the sides of them. I could talk all day about what my friend and I witnessed. I hope this stays a secret and does not become too popular. Well time to go fishing!

Anthony Anastasi
Sault Saint Marie, Michigan

P.S. By the way we let a lot more go than we took home."

George Dowling


I tried the Evening Secret this weekend for the first time on Pymatuning Lake which is located in Northwestern Pennsylvania. Everything went exactly as your articles said it would. I started fishing around 11:00 P.M. and put it in the water. Within 5 minutes, small shad showed up and congregated around. Within an hour, there were hundreds of mixed size shad making counterclockwise rotations around the it. The schooling shad kept getting thicker and thicker. I started fishing immediately after I turned it on and fishing was slow for the first ten minutes but as the shad schools kept getting thicker, the crappie moved in and I kept catching fish as fast as I could get a minnow on my hook. I was using a crappie rig with two hooks and I caught quite a few "double headers". My fishing trip lasted for about three hours and ended when I ran out of minnows. I caught the biggest stringer of crappie that I ever caught. I can't wait until my next outing; Next time I will have a lot more bait!"

George Dowling.

Gibsonia, PA

Carlos Ramirez

Striper - 47" long, 36 1/2lbs.
Caught 6/3/2005 11:30 pm
Using the "Evening Secret"
(Carlos' son with fish)

"Hi Dan, Thank you a gazillion times for helping me when the Evening Secret package got damaged and you sent us a replacement. Thanks for your prompt call returns and your magnificent customer service. The moment I talked to you I told my family not to worry, you sound professional and caring for your customers. We went camping and fishing to San Luis Resevoir in Los Banos California and tried it for the first time. We got more than we dreamed of - cat fish and striper. It was crazy, we had to release many of them since we had our limit. My kid will never forget this night - fishing from the bank with plastic lures and live bait. The action was great! My kid was trying his new pole, good drag and 15 pound test line with a wire leader. We fished for 1 1/2 hour with constant action. It took 35 minutes to bring this one to shore, and every one had to help (my wife and son in cluded). Thank you for selling me the Evening Secret..."

- Carlos Ramirez
Los Banos, California

David Cochran

Striper - 37" long, 20 lbs.
Caught 5/7/2005 around 7pm
Using the "Evening Secret"

"Dan - I had just dropped the evening secret in the water and within an hour there were bunker swarming around the boat. I was able to scoop up a couple with my bait net. I baited up with one and dropped it to the bottom. It sat for a couple of minutes with the bail open, all quiet. Then I closed the bail and slowly lifted the pole to see if I could feel any hits. Instantly I felt that striper whack that bunker. Seemingly as soon as I slowly moved that bait, He hit it, and hit it hard!"

-David Cochran
Plainfield, NJ

Jim Blanchard

3 Crappies & 1 Walleye
Caught at 10:45pm
Using the "Evening Secret"

"It took between 15 and 20 minutes for the bait to show up and then, gosh, it just kinda got wild in a hurry from there...and that was the very first time I had ever taken it out, so when it starts out like that I am looking for bigger and better things to come."

-Jim Blanchard
Berryville, AR

Thomas Johns

38 lb. Grouper
Caught using the "Evening Secret"

"I spent Friday night 100 miles out in the Gulf in 155 ft of water. Your secret really works just as you promised. We had more bait than we could handle. It was 6 to 8 ft seas, too rough to fish. When it got light enough to see, the grouper started to bite. The bait was still there. The results, I know small compared to the West Coast, but big for around here. A 38 lb grouper and the rest as a result of your secret. You can forget your 180 day money back guarantee, you couldn't buy it back from me."

-Thomas Johns
St. Petersburg, FL.

Bruce Myers

40 lb. Crevalle Jack
Caught using the "Evening Secret"


Here is just one of the many fish I caught while fishing with the Evening Secret at night. I started out early in the morning but decided to try it out for bait in the early evening. Well you were right the bait fish started coming in. I caught a few of the bait fish and droped them down below the boat. I had to chase this one as it was running me out of line (it's 40 lbs). Turned out to be worth the money I spent for the Evening Secret - and that was only the first time I'd used it.

The fish is a Crevalle Jack. I was out about 50 yards past the Bay into the gulf near a drop off when I started the Evening Secret. As the fish started coming in I used one of these to catch it. It was a good thing that I had someone with me to help chase this fish down. Took almost 45 min. to land him. This is pretty big as they go, most of the time you catch them in the 10 to 15lb class.

The fish wouldn't fit in my cooler, so I used the cooler to measure it. The fish is 42 inches long.

This was the first time I used the Evening Secret so I have not had a chance to try it in fresh water yet. I can't wait. Pretty good fish eh!

Thanks Dan,

Bruce Myers
Blountstown, Florida

"Evening Secret"
Hall Of Fame

Champion #1:

Nice Catch Jim!
Congratulations to Jim McCarthy the FIRST EVER, Evening Secret Fishing Champion!

"The Evening Secret has done it again!"
- Jim McCarthy, West Newbury, MA.

Click here to check out Jim McCarthy's dedicated page!

Champion #2:

Congratulations to Mark Punzelt the second, Evening Secret Fishing Champion!

"This was my first time using it, and I can't wait to use it again!"
- Mark Punzelt, Madison, CT.

Click here to check out Mark Punzelt's dedicated page!


Champion #3:

Congratulations to Steve Farmer the third, Evening Secret Fishing Champion!

"Within 10 minutes of turning on my Evening Secret I had bait fish all around my boat."

- Steve Farmer, Talladega, Alabama

Click here to check out Steve Farmer's dedicated page!


Champion #4:

Congratulations to Dan Watkins the fourth, Evening Secret Fishing Champion!

"Lenvil said ok quit horsing around. It isn't that big. I assured him it was. He still thought I was playing. Finally I got the fish to the top, the first pass at the net was a miss. The second pass the fish shot straight in the net... turns out I needed the net."

- Dan Watkins, Cowgill, Missouri

Click here to check out Dan Watkins'
dedicated page!

Champion #5:

Congratulations to Trent Wandel the fifth, Evening Secret Fishing Champion!

The biggest one was 89cm (35 inches) long and weight 15kg (33 lbs). As you can see I was struggling to lift them all. These were the 3 biggest ones I caught out of 6 of my mates. The other photo is the combined tally for the night. We couldnt believe how many fish were about, we just picked out the biggest until we got our bag limit. The fish were caught in the Spencer Gulf in South Australia out from Pt. Broughton. The Evening Secret is an awesome investment! The best fishing of my life, so far!"

- Trent Wandel, Adelaide, Australia

Click here to check out Trent Wandel's
dedicated page!

Champion #6:

Joe Tousignant

Congratulations to Joe Tousignant the sixth, Evening Secret Fishing Champion!


That is me and a 2 lb 10 oz crappie, and another pic of a few others. The lake isn't known for big crappie and has a 9" size limit and a 25 fish creel. This might have been my biggest crappie ever. I just don't fish where the big ones are. Last night two friends and I caught 3 limits of fish. These were post-spawn crappie.

A few weeks ago one friend and I caught 2 limits when the spawn was on. We have never been so successful so early in the spring before. The night fishing has been fantastic.

For crappie fishing, the Evening Secret is the way to fill a boat with crappies AFTER the spawn is over and no-one else is catching fish!

Enjoy the pics.

Joe Tousignant
Jackson, Missouri"

Click here to check out Joe Tousignant
dedicated page!

Champion #7:

Ryan Connolly

Congratulations to Ryan Connolly the seventh, Evening Secret Fishing Champion!


Here are some pics of a couple yellow cats I caught using the Evening Secret. Your secret weapon has has greatly reduced my time catching bait and I also catch more catfish! Both these were caught on drop lines, the first 19lb 8 ounces @ Granger Lake TX, and the other 24lb 10 ounces on the Colorado river by Goldswaithe TX. And if there is any question on the size of them, I am a shade under 6' and about 280lb depending on what I ate that day. Got some bigger ones but I am not in the pics with the fish.


Ryan Connolly
Round Rock, Texas"

Click here to check out Ryan Connolly's
dedicated page!

Champion #8:

And beyond...2 champions per year, every year!


The Evening Secret
P.O. Box 3794, Ventura CA 93006
Toll Free : 877-564-7273

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